About Us

The Jordanian Society for Fertility and Genetics was established in Dec. 22nd 1997 in Amman- Jordan to fulfill the ambitions of fertility pioneers in Jordan.

This society is distinguished by having non medical doctors as members like geneticists, embryologists and pharmacists etc …. As a matter of fact, it should have been a branch of "The Jordanian medical syndicates" the mother of all medical societies.

However, having non medical members, have been an obstacle to it's being enrolled as a member of the Jordanian medical syndicate, therefore, the JSFG had to act on it's own ,obtained it's license from the ministry of health. Nevertheless, mutual respect and cooperation was maintained.

In 1998 her majesty Queen Noor accepted to be the honorary president of the society.

In 1998 the society became a member of the IFFS.

The society has many goals but mainly to be up to date with the progress of fertility and maintaining interactions and links with colleagues inside the country and the region and all over the world, therefore, many workshops, lectures and congresses were held through it.